Monday, 12 January 2009

Wow what a weekend......

Well, that was the madest busiest weekend I have had in ages and ages, I did a stock take on Saturday, which was superb, because I found lots of yarn I never knew I had, and realised that I have so much white yarn  which I don't use any more, which has to go into the shop, I wanted to sell white yarn anyway, so I will start that page later today and just keep adding, (cones and skeins). Then sunday was dyeing yarn, because the all the sock sold out!! Talk about crazy madness, I think the unicorn club discount helped, trust me its worth joining the group, even if you don't want to join the club, its lots of fun, and there are lots of ways to win prizes, (but you have to be on ravelry, thats the only way we can manage such a large group),

Anyway so I popped some more sparkly and dream on, I think the sparkly is all gone now, but man, it was so much fun!!! Last night I couldn't even see straight, lol.

I have some absolutely gorgeous lace patterns to pop in the shop today, and remember the scrumptious book? Well, we decided to go with individual patterns instead, but we wanted to try and get them printed proffesionally, just wondering whether to preview them on the blog.....what do you reckon? Anyone interested.....



  1. Preview sounds wonderful :-)

  2. You have to ask? Really? You can't possibly deprive us of a preview after tantalising us like that!

  3. Oooh, yes please! A preview would be great!