Monday, 19 January 2009

Show case - yipeeee!

OK, so I was debating whether to go to Showcase Ireland tomorrow, because I've got *quite* a bit of work to do, I have returned to 6.5 day working weeks again, which I was trying not too do, but its virtually impossible to get everything done and, good thing is, I love working so it suits me abolutely fine, and I live with someone who works 7 day working week, lol!!! However today I thought, yeah, why the hell not; I spend ALOT of time at home, and my traveling gives me a tonne of ideas for my business, so its good to get out sometimes, anyway flights and hotel are booked, so I have no excuse, and I am SURE we will have lots of fun.

So, now I am excited, a trip, yippee. And I really want to visit a couple of shops anyway.

So knitting news, cast on a sock in dream merino, choc plum, its so pretty, I love those chocolaty colours, and, weirdly I am already on the heel, I had forgotten exactly quick socks were!! And I am determined to put more knitting pics on here because I probably give the impression of not actually knitting, lol, but I do squeeze it in late in the evening or if I am a pasanger in the car:

Also I sat down on saturday afternoon and thrashed out a new pattern for a cute little cardigan for scrumptious chunky and also it will be adapted for the Rooster range as well, I am working on a new collection of patterns for both ranges. The cardi, has some quite complex lace in it and some simple cables, but its really gorgeous and the best thing about chunky scrumptious, is that it knits up so quick, cables or no cables, lol!!

I will post a pic when I have a little more progress, I will try and take it with me to Ireland, although its a no distractions peice really.

OK, so all orders placed before 3.30 will be shipped, after than they won't be posted until thursday.



  1. Hey, welcome to Dublin! Make sure to visit This is Knit! I'm teaching a class there Wednesday evening :)

  2. Have a lovely time Jeni and come back with lots of inspiration : )