Monday, 5 January 2009

Christmas and new years pics.....

Right OK,

So you could say it was a bit of a fibery Christmas and New year.

Exhibit A; was the piece duh resistance (yes I meant to spell it that way)

The spinning wheel which I have been lusting after for ever and ever, mainly because its perfect for tall people like me, and so there is no stooping going on, and its gorgeous and smooth to spin on. Its a kromski Sonata.

 And on it I made this....which is a 3 ply from my superfine merino in Orchid:


Not too sure what to do with it yet, I guess there is about 100gms, and its chunky, so it would make a nice quick knit, maybe a hat for me to go with this gorgeous scarf which was a present from Amanda!! How gorgeous is this? Its a mobius crochet scarf, its so so pretty...


ok, so what else did I spin?? hehe, I made some gorgeous 2ply nef, which I have started knitting into mittens, but I left it at my mums, lol so no photo's.

There were these though which are my favourite of all time, I think they are best called Glittens. I spun them from carded batts think there was wool, bamboo and glitter in them.

Its hard to photograph glittery things, but there is alot of glitter in there. And what is even better is my carder is being fixed, so there will be lots of glittery batts in the shop fingers crossed by the end of the week.

So amongst all the crazy fibreness, there was new years. And we had a huge party becoming of the chapel of course. And it was full of 90% fibrefanatics.
We were blessed with the company of Babylonglegs  Yogicknitter, Karen (my lovely freind and helper from Cardiff who came on the spur of the moment and bought us a wonderful evil german punch rum, sugar cone, fire thing, (I am sure she will leave the proper name in the comments)) and Amanda and of course husbands and children, and some lovely non woolyheads, who may have been a little bewildered, lol.

We had a fabulous dinner in the gallery, although I can't really remember that much of it, I apparently needed help serving it up, (thank goodness I had been cooking all-day and it was all finished) and then we had fireworks, (I remember those), lol, then apparently there was karaoke (and apparently my brother was the karaoke king....), but I was asleep by then.

Then on new years day after a huge fry up, we did some spinning because people bought their wheels!!....

All of us spinning This pic is taken from the top of the stairs looking over the gallery.

And lastly on new years day, there was a frosted coated countryside, that was so magical I felt like I was in Narnia, its was stunning, this is the view from the back garden...



  1. Oh Jeni, what a great start to a new year and a new home! And all that space will soon be filled, because you know how 'nature abhors a vacuum'......

  2. Just for the record - that "punch" is called "Feuerzangenbowle" in german. ;) and I can't help but giggle when non-german speakers try to pronounce it. Mind you, give me a mug of that stuff and I have trouble, too.
    Had a great time at yours, Jeni. Thanks again for having me.

  3. Oooh its just beautiful, you are very lucky to live in such a lovely spacious home. I hope you have a very happy Knitting new year. Any chance of some Red cherry Aran???

  4. We all had a really great time and that German punch was fantastic. I have already started spinning up the Nef I parted with and now have two spindles full ready to ply. And guess what I worked out what I was doing wrong! I was having a Doh! moment. Thank you for a fantastic New Year.