Tuesday, 27 January 2009

Morning :-)

I am knackered and feeling well rough today lol, Edinburgh is a long way to go and come back in a day, however, had a super duper meeting at k1yarns, I love the shop so much :-)

So, main thing I wanted to say is seeing as there is tonnes of new stock for shop, I am going to start updating tomorrow till Thursday afternoon, as I am going to Cardiff on Friday for a few days.

I have lots of really nice things, its a bumper update this week, lots of lace; scrumptious, faery, nef, cashmere, lots of sock in slightly different style to my normal, but that's cause I have been playing, lol, LOTS of sparkle, I know thats top of lots of your lists, lol, got more fibres too, all good stuff :-).

I popped some spindles on at the weekend, and started on the white yarn section (it undyed) there is now also a white fibre section under the fibre section too, if you think there is something missing that you want, just emial me, its gonna take a while for me to update the shop with all the yarns I have.

Very excited because I have new yarns coming next week, I think there is a new scrumptious 4ply, and something else, but I can't quite remember what it is, lol, I think its a heavy laceweight, lol. Anyway we'll see.

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