Thursday, 22 January 2009

Monkey and Kitty procrastination

Obviously seeing as I should be doing work I thought I would pop another blog on because I am in total denial, and I don't know where to start.

So most of you now I have 2 kitties, monkey (sophie) who I think is about 7, and Kitty who is about 16, they are both blind in one eye, and they pretend to hate each other but its quite strange how they always hang around together, lol. They are both very very funny. Monkey only eats and sleeps, she is very very lazy, but kitty often spends all day with me when I am working, and she will talk to me all day and run around, and be where ever I am she is really a very special cat. So as I sat here making a crisis list, lol, I grabbed my camera and took pics of them sat on my desk and near me.


Thats kitty on the radiator and monkey sat on the clubs book, lol


She doesn't look 16 does she? She is the most regal cat I ever knew, lol


This is monkey, she waddles when she walks because she is so lazy, lol, she is absolutely adorable though, you can literally take her anywhere, I can take her home for the weekend to my mums and she doesn't mind, she loves fuss and cuddles and parties because she gets alot of both, she even loves children, lol, very easy going little monkey, she is called monkey, because she is a little monkey, she learns so quickly what to to be naughty, the other day, its was lunch time and she was hungry, so to ensure she got fed, she was winding herself around mr wools very expensive glass sculptures on the window sill, making sure I knew she was doing it. lol


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  1. I am homesick for the kitties. Well. Kitty.
    Sophie seems to have got even fatter :D