Thursday, 22 January 2009

I thought I was doing really well

Ok, trip to Dublin was brill, I went to see This is Knit, in one of their shops, and I met Jackie, and it was really really nice. The shop is lovely!! Mr Wool and I then spent yesterday in Showcase ( a place for crafty things from British and Irish companies) We were sourcing treats for the  shops. I did find some really nice things, I ordered some more pins/brooches, they are so pretty, and I made sure that they go with your favourite coloured yarns, lol.

I also found something absolutely fab, but I have to order them first before I put them on, they are alot of fun and I think you will love em, especially if you love sheep, mahahahha.

So I am back, its Friday tomorrow, I have lots of dyeing to finish of for 'not Friday' things as well as things for the update, and Also I am traveling to Scotland on Monday to See K1, and I have wholesale which needs to be finished by this weekend, so guess it will be another hard working weekend. So I need a miracle today, I have to do a phenomenal quantity of Dyeing and packing. So, had better go and carry on working, although, I have to say I am very grateful for having lots of work, talking to people yesterday there was some serious lack of business at showcase, bad sign of the times, its normally packed with buyers, so I shall be busy with a grateful heart.

Ohhh by the way, Dublin was SERIOUSLY expensive, not only because the the exchange rate is nearly a pound for a Euro, but everything is expensive there too!! We had a pint and a half of Guinness and it cost 8.7 euros ( it was goooood guiness, but still!!), we weren't even in the city center, and then we went for a pizza again not in the center, we had a starter,  pizza each and a bottle of wine, and it came to about 100 euro's, even without the exchange rate that is expensive, so guess I we won't be going to pitti Filati this summer, lol.


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  1. Wow, I've never seen pints that expensive!! It's not always that bad, usually it's around 5 euro!