Thursday, 26 February 2009

Fun stuff

Ok, Thursdays are always crazy because I have to get everything ready for Fridays update, but this morning I am all happy because my brother has a few job interviews, and one of them is for his dream job, and like me, ever since the big disruption in his life of getting divorced, he sometimes has really clear ideas about things and doesn't compromise, I think sometimes you need a good shake up to be able to take risks, lol and seize the day.

So last week when he came to see me, he said, 'Jen, I want a job at X, and I absolutely know that within 2 months I will be working for them.' Despite the fact that everyone said, ooooh, no, in the current climate they will never be taking on more people etc etc, he ignored it and didn't comprise, he sent his CV, made some phone calls, and now he just phoned me to tell me that he has an interview, even though there were no jobs going. I tell you, I am so excited for him, he is just like me, lol, when he decides and can see the thing absolutely clearly, he doesn't comprise. I am so so proud of him, right, I need to stop gushing now, lol and get on with packing up the clubs and dyeing for tomorrow.

I have LOTS of treats, new sock bags, broaches, stitch markers, lace, British merino sock, dk and aran. Some amazing bfl dk, and all the usual suspects, and of course some sparkle.....

So even though I have an evil cold, and I feel mildly delirious, I am dancing around the chapel with just general excitement.

hehehehe xxx


  1. Good luck to your brother!

  2. Good luck to your brother. He must be good and they must like him even though they're not interviewing.
    Thursdays are manic here, for unwork related things though; kids, grandparents etc. I always look forward to Thursday evening!