Thursday, 18 October 2007

1 week left to go - gulp.

OK, so its 1 week left to go before it's 'el quitos la workos', yeah well, I noticed that if you add 'os' to the end of the words and put them the wrong way round, sometimes sole can understand me, lol, well, she laughs at least, he he.

I had a meeting with my bosses yesterday, and we worked out where I wanted to go for a dinner to say goodbye, I felt mildly anxious, I am going to miss it alot, well, the social side of it anyway, its the only place I have ever had a proper job, I went straight from my degree into working as a research assistant in 2001, I now feel like I completely know what I am doing, ironic really, I always feel its time to change when my boundaries are not stretched any more, but I'm going from at least knowing my wages just cover my mortgage (little tip here, don't buy a house with your husband and then get divorced when you move in, and take the house on on your own, its a little scary) I actually have no idea how I have done it, I mean how do you survive when after mortgage and bills, your wages leave you with £7 a week for food?, and trust me I have a good lifestyle as you probably know from the crap that I write, lol. So its even more scary when those wages won't be there any more, but I'm not scared, just excited, very calm and know that if I've managed to build the business up till now whilst having a full time job, when I can focus on it properly I will build an empire (mwa hahahahahahahha,  little finger on mouth like doctor evil).

So, the one of the most popular things on my stand at ally pally was my shrug I made in Italy,


its cute, really easy, and perfect for adding your own little embellishments, and use all sorts from your stash. I intend to make some more and pop beads on them and things, but for now you can buy the kits in two colours: black and white, there will be some more coloured ones in a little while, I need to do some dyeing, I virtually sold out at ally pally, and I have a tonne of wholesale orders, in addition I have the stitch and bitch show in Rotterdam, gulp, and then the stitch and bitch show in London in the next 4 weeks, lol.


  1. You sound like Darth Vadar "I will build an Empire" Mwahahahahaaa. I'm sure you will too, I have every faith. The main thing to remember is that you are happy and money can't buy that :)

  2. Have fun Empire Building, your hair and shrug both are fabulous.

  3. Here's to your knitting empire. At least you will always have a stash. I haven't had a 'job' for 4 years but somehow we manage to keep going month by month. Not quite sure how...

  4. This is only the beginning of a journey to BIGGer and better things.
    Congratulations I hope you make lots of lolly
    You an me both sister are in the same business I'll drink a pint to our businesses.
    Hope it all goes well for you, don't worry if you have a sound business plan you're half way there. First year is always the worst, but it gets better, promise.
    Your very satisfied customer
    BIG Ory