Wednesday, 24 October 2007


As some of you know I am a psychology researcher as well as fyberspates queen, well not too be researcher much longer, just 4 days left, but anyway the last part of the project I am working on involves an online study. I will not be analysing the data, but I promised my bosses that the lovely knitters that read my blog would help me get us the numbers we need to do the research, as its difficult to get participants from the UK; (you can still do it if you from elsewhere though). Its not knitting related but in aid of a very worthy cause ( I can't tell you what, you have to wait until the debreif), it will only take you about 10  - 15 minutes.

So I want a nice mixed sample. Its all anonymous as well, so if you have a little bit of spare time, please can you help?

Click here for the Experiment




  1. keeps saying I need a plug in to see video, when I click to download it says there isn't one
    sorry Jeni would have done elsewise

  2. I put in the answers to the first six questions, and the next page is blank. I'd love to help out if it is possible to finish the survey.

  3. I downloaded the the plug-in but still can't play the video, even though I rebooted my computer. Got p1 and 2 OK though.

  4. I managed to do the experiment, with no problems, but it was a bit slow and hiccuppy about the video which meant that I didn't do very well on the beginning bit. Enjoy an academia free and fibre-filled life!

  5. Tried to do the survey for you but the video wouldn't show up, I could only hear it, sorry!

  6. I tried to do my bit but I can't get the video clips. Must be cos I'm so thick with computers I never heard of theatpix thingy. So i can't do it. I so wanted to n all.