Tuesday, 23 October 2007

Sock Machine.

So cherubs what do I have for you today huh?

Well, firstly something very gorgeous and wonderful arrived today..........this:


Its going to take a little while to get a pair of proper socks out of it, its going to take alot of practice, however I do understant how to start, make a heel and do toe, not bad for a 2 hour lesson huh? Its gorgeous, and I am chuffed to bits to have it. The main reason I wante it apart from a selfish desire for socks, is I want to knit samples of my colour range, people often want to know what the colours knit up like, so now I can!!!! Yipeeeeeeee.

I also have some brooches to put up on the shop, they all vary in size and weight so remember to click on the photo's for details of them, I am so in love with this little sheep!


Ok, I am trialing a new yarn, its 80% merino and 20% bamoo, bamboo is good for socks because it is antifungal, he he, I might see if I can whip some up on the old sock machine before the week is out, I think its higly in likely though heres some in the shop:


and finally, I dyed some little fibre treats for the shop, sigh, I so don't want to sell these, they are gorgeous!



  1. Hi !
    Cannot wait for the brooches to go on the site, I am thinking of me and also C....
    presents, I can't actually bring myself to say that word, but great for posting!

  2. That machine looks interesting, does it actually knit socks automatically?!

  3. Hooray for the sock machine. I like the sound of the bamboo blend. I'm doing the survey now but am downloading the video player thing. Great to see you at Ally Pally.