Monday, 22 October 2007

colour inspiration

So, I am edging towards being able to run my business properly with organisation, lol, something I am desperate for, and it involves applying proper research and development to everything I do. I am a researcher after all!

So yesterday I decided to go and spend the day working on some colours, not in the workshop, but in the countryside, I have about 200 photo's of trees and leaves and mushrooms, from one of my favourite places in the UK. Its called Westonbirt Arboretum its such a beautiful place all year around, but in the Autumn its just mind blowing, the colours are stunning, and they will be new yarns colourways in the next couple of weeks, here are some:






The weekend, was fab, we had a polish theme for eating, Marcin cooked us some yummy dishes. After the day dyeing wool on sat, I came in completely freezing to some wonderful polish sausage soup, which was kind of sour, with sausage, eggs, mushrooms and potatoes, I can't remember the name off hand, but it completely contrasted to my idea of a soup, the flavor was amazing! We are lucky living in Cardiff, because there are a few polish food shops, which means we had the proper ingredients. Then Sunday morning we had polish style eggs for breakfast, with sausage (there is a definite theme here), onions and tomatoes, it really was yummy yummy yummy!!! I am very excited, because I am hoping we will go to Krakow for new years, and we can try all sorts of amazing things, lol.


  1. "Edging towards organisation" *snicker*
    Love the photos, especially the close ups of the bud and the berries - are those sloes?

  2. Westonbirt is lovely - have you seen the Magnolias that bloom in the spring?

  3. On Westonbirt! One of my favourite places....
    We went last Christmas - they do a night / evening walk when all the trees are lit up with lights...
    It's absolutley magical!!

  4. I love Westonbirt! I am at my parents' house in Gloucestershire this week and I might just have to make a visit.
    I am looking forward to seeing the yarns this inspires!

  5. I love the gorgeous blue berry colours and the leaves are amazing. You can count me in on the new Autumn yarns, I just love Autumn.
    I went to Centre Parks in Notts with my Mum in the 80's in the autumn its was fabuloso, Sherwood Forest is so lovely then, we had a great time.