Wednesday, 3 October 2007

Blah blah blah.

Thanks for all the comments left, I really appreciate it, I keep hearing so many stories of people being screwed by the banks at the moment, I am going to fight it all the way. I'm am not going to let it worry me though, its all part and parcel of having a business, its a huge learning curve, and my goodness am I becoming tough, I had no idea at the beginning of this journey just how much I would grow. I can honestly say though that I would not recommend starting a business just anyone, it is seriously stressful, but I think I have the temperament for it, lol!

Right, I have about a thousand things to talk about, ally pally, new yarns, cashmere, sock machines so I will do it in little paragraphs, cause I am loosing the plot, and it won't make sense.


I'll be there, damn I need to find my stand number, please come and see me, and say hello!! I am offering 10% off to blog readers, just tell me the password 'sock machine' and you can have 10% off your purchases!! Yippee!!!!!

New yarns

OK so, I have a new range of solid arans, they are gorgeous deep colours and are perfect for felting projects, they also compliment the space dyed arans, so you can mix and match solids and multi coloreds. Pics later.

I am also getting some solids in the scrumptious, which will be the same as the solid arans, they haven't arrived yet, apart from the black one, its gorgeous!!! I will have them all at ally-pally, then they will be on the website after that.


The British spun cashmere has arrived, its lovely stuff,  there is a sock weight and a lace weight, I intend to dye most most of it for ally-pally, it will retail at £20 per 100gms, so you need to let me know if you want any in specific colours asap, or just put some aside, which ever is fine, it takes a little while to get more.

Sock machine

I pick my sock machine up on Monday, and have lessons, which means, yes, it will be at ally-pally, and hopefully I will be able to show you, fingers crossed, I am so excited, I am desperate to see how some of my colours knit up, and I would like some fricken socks, for meeeeeeeeeee!

I am so busy at the moment, I feel a little screwy, I felt like I was going to have a major cold yesterday, so I went for a little reflexology, seeing as it would be very very bad if I was ill at the moment, and it worked a treat, I feel mcuh better. Psychology work is probably the busiest it has ever been due to the project ending, so we are working like mad to finish everything, I might need your help soon for one of my experiments, it will be on the Internet, and I need participants desperately for the last one, I'll post details when its up, it'll only take 10 minutes.

In addition wholesale orders are also coming in thick and fast, I have to say though that my wonderful lodgers are pitching in to help me, helping with dyeing, fixing my winders, and making up wholesale packs, labelling yarn, cooking me the most wonderful food I have ever eaten, and putting up with the chaos, they are all wonderful, I am very blessed to have them around.

I'm so busy that my Kirk Geiger boots and my skinny jeans are still in the bag, I haven't even had chance to wear them yet!! Thats unheard of for me, I haven't had my hair cut yet, but Friday is the day, and I'm afraid its all coming off, in a serious way, I hate looking messy, and I am going for a major chop, I need to wake up in the morning and look the same as I went to bed, especially seeing as I have a house of boys, I hate getting up and putting a woolly hat on to control my hair so I don't look like a numpty with sticking up hair, come to think of I probably do anyway with a woolly have on, lol. So the hair cut is booked in for Friday lunchtime, man I can't wait to get rid of it.

OK, off to carry on, I am so excited about next week,

see you guys soon!!!!



  1. Can't wait for next Thursday. 10% off, thats a few more skeins in the bag! Bet I forget to say the password.

  2. Cashmere...mmm...laceweight does one go about asking to have some set aside for Ally Pally?

  3. I am really looking forward to Ally Pally and thanks for the password, will have to try and remember it!!

  4. I so wish I could get to Ally Pally, I went the last 2 years but alas not this year. Can't wait to see the cashmere and the sock machine.
    Tell us more is it an old one or do they still make them? Will you just be turning a handle and churning out socks? I want to see!

  5. Have fun with the hairdo. Let's have a look then at your funky hair. Is it really cool or do you want to put a paper bag over yer head???? Ha,ha.