Tuesday, 9 October 2007

Purple hair

Last year at Ally pally, I was chatting to Lucy Neatby and she grinned at my blonde white hair, and said, 'thats just a blank canvas waiting to happen' to which I laughed and felt mildly anxious.

I went to get my hair but last week, I had all of it cut off, it was driving me nuts, and getting way too scruffy, as I had let alot of dark roots coming though, I ended up with badger hair after it was cut, and I decided I needed to switch colours and go for a totally new look, so Tristan, my cutsie hairdresser told me to put a red colour on the blonde, and then go over it in a dark brown colour, otherwise the brown will go badly on my bleached bits, and it would look crap. So carmen decided to dye my hair, we got the red on the bleached bits, and after about 5 minutes, she started looking nervous, "what's up" I said.

"Um nothing"......and then she shouted, "jeni, its purple" and she wasn't joking, it came out the same plum as I use in alot of my sock yarns, and having over dyed my yarns to achieve different effects I wasn't panicking yet, so anyway we popped the brown on top, and it looks great, but there is definately a hint of purple in there big time. Its a major contrast though, and when I went shopping for some new clothes at first I hated it, because it looked crap with everything, then I relaxed and pretended I was choosing colours for yarn, and it was then that I fell in love with my hair, lots of reds and greens, really complimented my eyes and skin tones, you'll see it at allypally anyway.


  1. I'll have purple hair at Ally Pally too!! Weird :)

  2. Can't wait to see the new hair. Being someone who changes hair colour and styles alot I totally understand having to go buy new clothes. Its amazing how different colours can look on a person when the hair colour changes.

  3. It's a dramatic change when you've been blonde for so long....I did it about 5 years ago (went a delicious chestnut colour) frightened Neil to death, hehe! Wasn't long before the highlights came back again though. I bet it looks fantastic on you anyway and please post a photo just in case I can't get there, I'm up to my eyes in mud and fence panels at the moment!

  4. I have loads more of the silver Nature's Own highlights......

  5. Had to smile...
    I did something similar a few weeks ago...
    All chopped off (well apart from a longer very new romantic one side)....
    Blonde to dark (nearly black)...
    with a purple stripe down the longer side(!)

  6. I did the opposite and bleached mine at home (dont do it folks if your realy dark) and wenta rather fetching canary yellow...had to get an emergency hair appointment LOL
    I bet it looks great but what about the folks who wont be there we need piccies!!

  7. Lucy Neatby is my absolute heroine - I have been watching her dvd's. Another woman with purple hair. I'm with cairi - we need pix of you with new hair.

  8. The glasses fooled me aswell! Good to see you were so busy, I had to return 3 times before I could shoulder my way in.