Tuesday, 30 October 2007

You know you are nearly 30 when

STILL AT WORK. grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr so to distract me, I am being silly about some observations I have been making in the last couple of weeks.

You know you are nearly 30 when:

1. You honk your van horn and wag your finger at big scary men for dropping litter/fag butts out of their vans.

2. You look in the mirror and scream because you are looking at your mother.

3. Every small child you see makes you go completely stupid and broody.

3. Continuing in the theme of babies, you imagine your designs made in matching mini size.

4. You refuse a glass of wine because it means you won't be able to do your work so well the next day.

5. You are coveting that £160 luxury tagine you saw in the christmas present suggestion section in the sainsbury's magazine.

6. You set aside a savings pot for the tagine.

7. You turn the heating off and make your lodgers wear jumpers so you can save money to afford the fricken tagine.


9. The toffee from your toffee apple melting down your dashboard makes you take a big bucket of hot water and you end up washing the wholevan.

10. You sound like your mother.

11. You loose your inhibitions and tell people exactly what you think and don't guilty.

12. You wear things which are much more riske than when you were 20, because that day when you look perfect to wear that dress will never come in your head, and you'll be nearly dead and realise you should have just worn it anyway.

13. You start to realise that time goes so fast, thats its pointless wasting your time on things that are not good for you, and that wasting one drop of time doing something which you don't want to do seems like sacrilidge.

14. Did I say I look like my mum? lol.

15. Policeman really really do look like children.

16. A 28 year old bloke is too young to go out with!!!!!

17. You feel like a mother to the postgraduate students.

I think thats enough don't you?



  1. Point #12... how true!! Not to mention #2... and #10... and #14!!! :) x

  2. You are so funny! I'm not sure I agree with number 16 though - go for it!! xx

  3. Good grief! I go away for a while and you decide to get old!! I'm getting on the next flight, wine and hair bleach in hand! (Or in suitcase at least, I think the 25ml rule is still in effect).
    And tagine?
    1. I had to look that up to see what the hell it was.
    2. From Sainsburys?? For that price why not just fly to um.. *checks wikipedia again* Morocco, and buy the damn plate there??
    E. xx

  4. Just wait till you approach 40... then you will look and be like you mum even more.. but you might have got past the baby thing... or not.... I think I am the only one there.

  5. Ummmm I can't agree with number 16 right now but perhaps that's because I'm over 30?!
    I love numbers 12 and 13! They're great!

  6. Another entry is
    You slap on more Day and Night cream than usual.
    Cos when i turned B I G 4 0 everything headed south, my double chins started, the ol eyes went wrinkly the hair went ... er red to hide a certain colour, then I got Presbyopia and i can't see a thing withought me specks. You've got it all coming girl, hey it's something to look forward to eh????
    Growing old gracefully that's what I'm gonna do.
    Have you tried on your new boots yet?????