Thursday, 1 November 2007

Stitch n'bitch Rotterdam!

So guess where I am  going tomorrow?

Yep, you guessed it, Rotterdam, for their stitch n'bitch day. I get the ferry tomorrow morning with my little van, I am so flippin excited!!!!

I didn't quite finish work yesterday, even though I stayed until 9.00 in the end!! Anyway, I have alot of dyeing to do, and now that takes precedence, and I'll have to pop in later on today to finish off, once my dyeing is done.

Oh I can't wait to go tomorrow, I promise I will take tonnes of photo's!! Does anyone have any suggestions for places to eat in Rotterdam, and what is traditional dutch food, so I can try some!!!!!!

Ps, have some gorgeous hand made wooden spindles, they are scrummmmmmmy. I'll take them to rotterdam, and then they'll be in the shop on monday, I want to keep them alllllllllllllllllllllll.


  1. Cheese? Edam, Gouda

  2. Have lots of fun in Rotterdam!!

  3. Many people ahve pondered upon that very same questions ( regarding what true dutch food is).
    My answer is: stroopwafels, roze koeken and poffertjes. All of these are sweets.
    Well and then there are frietjes, which are like french fries or chips.
    If you're in Rotterdam you should be able to get some good falafel somewhere too.
    Luck and see you sat!

  4. If you stay in the centre: the Witte de Withstraat is full with little restaurants, try "Bazar" or the Chinese take-a-ways.
    For a drink: the Tiki Bar (sidestreet of the Witte de With).
    On De Meent (near de Goudsesingel) is a real Dutch "Poffertjeskraam". Delicious!
    And the shops in the centre are open untill 9 in the evening on friday.
    Have fun sleep well,
    See you saturday!
    Puk (Ballee)

  5. Have fun, hope you sell lots.