Thursday, 15 November 2007

Dream sock and quote (s) of the day.

So yesterday was a perfect day, I think I discovered the secret of happiness, I dyed sock yarn all day till about 7pm, then Sole and marcin came home, and we had wine and Polish tapas; delicious sausage with horseradish with apple in it, amazing!! Oh and grilled Polish cheese, and um AHEM wine, and jazz music in the background, and last night we laughed until we cried, it was fantastic.

Anyway, back to the sock yarn I can't stop knitting, I had to dry it quick and start knitting it because I am so in love, so in love that I was dreaming about the yarn in the night, so I am calling the new yarn Fyberspates 'dream sock' yarn! Its high twist bluefaced Leicester, but its also very soft when knitted, the best of both worlds.....want to see some?.............................................




So as you can see, I'm a little obsessed, it'll be up in the shop tomorrow along with some other autumy colours, its gorgeous gorgeous yarn. *SIGH*

Right, so I decided to start a 'Carmencita's quote of the day', mainly because I spend most of my day laughing, not at, but with Carmen, she has the most incredible sense of humour, and she makes me laugh so much, I just have to share the conversations with you, (she agreed by the way, lol)

So  I have two for you today the story of the sock leprechauns and the story of the ice.

So I'm sat on the sofa knitting my sock this morning with the new yarn sat in front of me, just trying to breathe because I love it so much, and we were talking about socks, and she picks up the yarn and says, 'when I think about people knitting socks I imagine little people in tree's knitting the socks' which I raised an eyebrow at, thinking of all the sock knitters in the world knitting  socks in tree's, and it transpired she meant leprechauns knitting socks in trees. I'm still not too sure about that one, but anyway the new colourway was going to be called Iris, and when I told her that she said "yes!! Irish!!!" not quite what I meant, so now we are going for a compramise "leprechaun".

Second and the best quote of the day so far, she goes out to the garden to have a cigarette, seeing as smoking is totally banned in my house, and she comes back into the house with a lump of ice in her hand and says the following:

"Jesus Jeni, have you seen the water"

I raise an eyebrow, I mean, the girl lives on a liquid diet of Gin & tonic, I'm sure she has seen ice before!

"yes, its ice" I say,

Carmen "Oh my god jeni, we are gonna die"

I guess they don't get much ice in Grenada.

Happy knitting xx xx


  1. Holy crap... I was going to send you a pic of a bedspread to see if you could match the colours... and what do I see in your new yarn? Those colours! Creepy! (But so nice!)

  2. LMAO! I hope you haven't died from all of the ice!! Did you find out how the ice was going to kill you all?
    I love that colour. Are you doing it in any other weights because I really can't but any more sock yarn!!