Wednesday, 7 November 2007

Out on the road.

I am off to visit shop a shop in Hereford today with an order, one of my favourite things to do, I would go mad if I stayed at home all the time, I love the dyeing but I have to mix it with some traveling, and communicating with my customers. Not only that I would get into lazy habits being at home all the time. but before that I have yarn to dye, and get drying, and a pattern book to prepare for my customer. Oh and add a couple of things to the website, I am so low on stock its shocking!

Right so here are some pics of the gorgeous spindles I am now stocking from Sublime spindles, I am chuffed to bits with these, I have been looking for spindles to sell for an age, and here are a couple. They are prices at £19.99 inc VAT


This is a beautiful bottom whorl silk weight spindle made of Ash, and comes complete with bowl. Its so cute, I am desperate to have a go with these.

The next is more suited for wool and is made of walnut, GORGEOUS GORGEOUS GORGEOUS.


Right, had better get working. Thanks for the links by the way to the Nauni stuff and especially Emma who pointed me to a blog of Ruth whose work with these yarns is exquisite.

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