Wednesday, 14 November 2007

Today is a serious dyeing day.

Sometimes when I am tired or stressed, I find it really hard to really get stuck into dyeing, but to be honest, it really is my favorite thing to do, and what I love even more is when I get completely obsessed with either a yarn or a new colourway. And today I have the luxury of having both!!! I have a new colour called Iris, its based on  set of Chinese paintings which I am totally in love with (yes I know I am supposed to be doing autumn ones) I had an email about the show I went to where I saw the paintings yesterday, and it got me dreaming of them, so bright and intense with different greens and deep purples, and I was bursting to paint yarn in it today. Then I wound some hanks off of a cone I have of a new yarn (a high twist superwash sock yarn), I just had to see how it dyed, and then I started dyeing, and more and more and more, I had so much fun, that I was starving and had to have chip butties for mid afternoon snacks to celebrate. I've basically done the colourway in all my yarns, so there may be a slight theme on Fridays update, lol. I'll try and post a pic later because I have some already drying because I want to knit it so much.

I also want to post a pic of Carmen untangling a ball of silk, yesterday she was meant to be winding it into a ball, and it kind of went very very wrong, and I told her I could dye more, but she decided it was a personal challenge, she's still going and she won't stop!!

Its been a bit weird in the house, because I've been megga busy giving up work, Carmen has been stressing about getting a job, and sole has been finishing her PhD so its not been our usual party house, minimal alcohol, which my liver is actually thanking me for, I was a little worried that perhaps we would not all have as much fun as we usually do. But I am starting to settle in to my new life with no problems at all, Sole handed her PhD in, and got the all OK yesterday, and today Carmen got a phone call to say she now has a job in Benetton, and she is running around the House screaming with happiness, and planning a dinner, and tomorrow we will have a party to celebrate, so things are starting to shift up a gear, and the house is becoming crazy and fun again, even yesterday we had a huge pack of food arrive from Poland, with the most delicious sausage, which you have with a type of horseradish with apple, its amazing, just amazing. I will take some pics of them all so you can see their lovely gorgeous faces.

Right off to go and get more yarn dyed before the light goes.

Happy knitting people.


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