Tuesday, 20 November 2007

Van is packed and ready to go to Harrogate

As usual I am still trying to get the yarn dry despite the rain, but van is nearly packed, so I'm nearly ready to go. The house is empty today, Carmella is working her first day, sole and marchin are at university, I have got tonnes done, and I have to admit I was listening to classic FM because I couldn't cope with radio 1 this morning, I was a little bit hyper and pop was making me loopy!

  • OK, come and say hello, my stand number is: B645.

Happy knitting.


1 comment:

  1. Almost wish we were coming - but not quite enough to actually be there. Still you will have mr .com with you, he should keep you entertained - :-)
    Have a great show, will be thinking about you while I moan at the sink.
    love amanda