Tuesday, 13 November 2007

So I kind of lied.

Remember I said that was it for the shows until February? I was telling the truth at that particular moment, but now, not quite sure how it happened, but I agreed to do Harrogate, gulp! Its probably the most time I have ever had to prepare for a show, at least though I am getting used to what sells, so I have alot of work to do. But I am determined to have a really good shop update this week if it kills me!!! I have been redoing some of my photo's because they don't demonstrate my yarns properly, especially the space dyed ones, although this winter light is not making it easy to get bright photo's.

OK, whats new? I have a new range of Blue faced Leicester solids to add to the fyberspates collection, the colours are quite deep and rich, mainly because I hate pastels in the winter because we need warming up with strong colours, there are nine cherry red, olive, chocolate, caramel, black, cream, spring green, deep purple, and teal showed here:


The kimono aran pattern is designed by Katherine from K1 yarns for the aran, and there will also be some designs in magazines featuring this yarn, its soft, warm and delicious to knit with, and seems to go a really long way, and its gorgeous British blue faced Leicester, and £6 per 100gms, can't be bad can it!!!! It is also perfect for felting!

I also got some of the scrumptious in black, I can't get solids very well, so I had some dyed for me in Black, and its just pure heaven!


Its all knit knit knit in this house, Sole is knitting a full winter set completely from space dyed yarn: feather and fan scarf in the squishy in fiesta, it takes about 2 hanks, and she has just cast on with the fiesta dk to make fingerless glove to match and will then probably make a hat in chunky or aran again in fiesta! Its going to look cool! I'll post a pic tomorrow.

Happy knitting. Off to get hair cut spiky finally!!!!!

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