Saturday, 24 November 2007

Super de duper.

I had a fabulous day today, it was really quiet until about 11.30, I think thats when all the coach parties came, but after that it was busy and I saw lots of lovely customers who I realise are becoming my regulars, and it is so lovely to see the same faces again and again, I guess it means they like knitting my yarn! LOL. One customer told me a very beautiful story of what she had done with some yarn she spun up from the bfl silk blend, it was extremely touching and bought a tear to my eye.

Its so weird how different things sell on different days, I sold so much Squishy and scrumptious today, it was great!

I also taught the guy on the stand opposite to me to knit socks, and guess what? Its the first thing he has ever knit. Yesterday I was finishing off a Christmas stocking I was making for some kits (they'll be on line on Tuesday) and he wanted to make one for his children. So he learnt to cast one, then knit about 10 rows, then cast on for a sock, and has been knitting in the round ever since. I have to get him past the heel tomorrow, but I am so amazed, because so often really good knitters are too scared to attempt socks, and this guy, who has never knitted, has just cast on and started with no fear. I am so impressed. I asked him if I could take photo's and he said yes, but only of his knitting, lol!

So all in all a lovely day, despite still having a few weird tummy probs, think it might just be doing 4 shows in a row that might just be making my body a little bit tired perhaps, but I am happy in my head so thats all that matters, and so inspired to just knit knit knit!

Right off for a glass of wine and an early night, and tomorrow, I have some super photo's to share with you of some of the creative work I have seen on display at the show, its exquisite!

Nite folks, happy knitting.


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  1. Love the reports for those of us left at home. Hope the tummy settles soon. The BFL Aran scarf and hat are nearly finished, lovely stuff to knit with.