Tuesday, 27 November 2007

En Francais.

That title probably doesn't mean what I think it does, anyway basically  I have been getting my most popular patterns translated into other languages, and we are starting with french, so the mini shawl, the wave scarf and stole and the basic sock pattern is now available in French from the webshop. Yipee, I am really chuffed about this, I would love to have multiple versions of my website that were in other languages, but until I improve my language skills, the world will have to read it in English.

I have packed up all the order which need to be shipped, now I just need to get dyeing tommorow ready for the friday update, I'm feeling in the mood for some warm sock yarns this week, to knit toasty socks for the cold weather.

OOOOOOH! I designed some cutsy cables fingerless mitts in scrumptious while I was away, i'll post a photo tomorrow when its nice and light.

off to knit a new design now.


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