Sunday, 25 November 2007

As Alice would say, I had lovely lovely lovely lovely time

Well, thats the last show of the year over, and I have to say it was really fabulous. I enjoyed it so much, and made lots of new contacts and friends, and have some new ideas for going in some slightly different directions, but thats going to take a little bit of time and work before I reveal any of those plans, mwahahahahahahahahaha, lol.

Right! So I did buy something really really cool, I love felting, and I love slippers, so when I saw a kit for some felted slippers, I had to have it! It was a kit from knitting4fun, and I had a few lovely chats to these guys but it was especially lovely to chat to people about their products freely. So I feel extra happy about recommending their products, their kits are really great. I will photo my kit tomorrow, and am sure I will start knitting it tomorrow as well!!!

Next up, there was an exhibition of textile insects by fibrefusion, its sculptured textiles, I can't seem to get the link to work, so if any one knows it, can you send it to me?

They were much more amazing in person, but here are a few of them, they were absolutely superb:




The details on some of them were so clever and they were huge and even eerie!

Right too tired to write any more.


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