Thursday, 22 November 2007

Yippee, having fun!!!!

Mary, one of my customers who regualarly comes to see me at shows, and sometimes shows me some of her fabulous creations, touched the silk hanging from my stand and remarked on its dampness and my love of living near the edge, Ahem! I may have the odd skein which is 'Airing' lol, well it was raining in Cardiff before I left.

Today was great, the stand looks alot tidier and more organised than it has ever been, and the new deep coloured sock yarns are going down a real storm!! I'm very pleased. I was feeling  bit delicate today, not too sure why, but the facilities here are better than allypally, and I'm right next to the toilets so I was extremely grateful. Lol!!

So off to get an early night ready for tomorrow Don't forget to come and say hello :-)



  1. Was great to meet you today - and I've now found your blog as instructed. I'm currently having a bit of difficulty reminding myself that the yarn I bought (the wool and silk for the scarf) is for a secret santa present and not for me! Many thanks and great to meet you.
    dawn (who was on a scooter)

  2. I never had time to get back for a longer perusal, more's the pity.
    That damp yarn looked sensational, and felt much dryer than the washing I did this Monday, then rescued on Tuesday soaked right through.