Thursday, 8 November 2007

Hair again

So I got bored with my new hair, 1. because it's not cool enough, and 2. because the colour has faded, and it looks bland. So I decided to colour it again, with henna this time, because it takes rather well on my hair. I went to Lush and got the cacau maron, because it had red in it, and I wanted something a bit spicy.

I got home, asked carmen if she wanted to dye my hair, gave her the dye, and she burst into laughter.

Me: "what's so funny?"

Carmen: "its cacau maron"

Me: "and......."

Carmen: "Jeni, do you know what it means in Spanish?"

Me: "No!"

Carmen "It means S**t brown"

I, like the previous time should have taken a hint from this, if Carmen finds it hilarious then its probably going to be a disaster.

So we slapped it on, wrapped it in clean film, and forgot about it. I then went to have a shower, and washed my hair. Henna is not a good thing to wash out in the shower if your shower gets blocked and you end up standing in your shower water, let me just say one thing "cacau maron shower water" lol.

So anyway I washed it out, dried it and then looked in the mirror, I'm generally pasty to say the least, but I was staring, not at my mother this time, but an Andy Warhol Picture, white face and orange hair. Yep, seriously orange, the colour is stunning, rich orange bright hair, but my goodness I look odd with such a pasty face. And Carmen's comment, was "well you don't look ugly"!

Anyway I am going to have it cut tomorrow, in a seriously short cut, because I am bored with my classic hair style, that can wait till I'm 40, I need a spikey princi cut asap, not sure whether to tone down the orange though or keep it...........?

Plus I have no stock for Saturday stitch and bitch day, so I am mildly panicking, not to worry though, I am sure I'll rise to the occasion.


  1. and the crowd roars: "PICTURE! PICTURE! PICTURE!"

  2. That's serious teasing, are we to wait for spikey JEN-GER?

  3. Hennaed hair always starts off seriously orange. It will get a bit darker and less orange given a few days. Be careful if you do decide to dye over it, as dyeing over henna can have some... interesting results.

  4. Reminds me of the time I dyed my hair bright red....pillarbox red...I felt like Ronald Mc Donalds love child, just popped over to say I have spun that Shetland I bought at Ally Pally, it spun up really nice, the results are over on my blog, dunno what its going to be yet!

  5. Have had my hair cut of for the weekend too , not that there was much of it too start with LOL

  6. Make sure you tell the hairdresser that you coloured it with heena if you are going to tone it down. You might get a disaster if you colour the hair on top of heena.