Monday, 19 November 2007


Right, just getting ready for harrogate, have a few new fun things, but i'll keep it a secret until I get there, lol.

I ate so much food yesterday, we went out for a pub sunday lunch, which was superb, and then we went out for a 3 course dinner in the evening, I am still stuffed today, but it was fantastic!!!

Its pouring with rain here, completely pouring, not that I really mind the rain, its just a bit crap for dyeing wool, and I have a bit more to dye for the show, still, I think i'll dye in the nice warm kichen today, I only have a few things to do, including adding a few other colours to the pallette!!!

I did some knitting on socks over the weekend, including the new dream sock yarn here is progress so far, its  bit more purple than in the pic:


I'm feeling a little bit serious today, so sorry if the post is a bit bland, I think it as Carmen puts it; my 'Ormones', lol


  1. Hi
    I met you last year at Wonderwool and bugged you for ages over the shawl pattern - which was great, you have now made my day by saying you will be at Harrogate- I was just checking your site just in case- so i'll see you there!
    Safe journey!

  2. Hope you conquer the hormones and have a great time at Harrogate. How is the sock machine going? Have I missed it?