Monday, 27 October 2008


I am in a horrible horrible mood. My laptop is dead AGAIN!!!!!!!!! I am never buying another hp as long as I live. Anyway at least have crappy 10 year old one, which suprisingly is working, and alive, but bit slow with the old pics, so am updating shop today, but its a bit slow so bear with me.

Also have horrible sore throat, and looked about 50 on saturday,although I never moved of the sofa yesterday, (couldn't knit because joints ache so much :-( ) so now I look 40 instead, so thats a little improvement.

I am fed up, fed up of working all the time, and being tired and not having a life, I know its not long to wait for things to change, but I just want out of here, NOW!!!!!!!!!!!


misery gutts.


  1. Poor you. Hope it all gets better very soon! Think of the future! It'll all be much, much better soon!

  2. Poor you! Have a big hug. And I won't add to your misery by telling you I'm off to Essaouira for a week tomorrow - oh, oooops! Have another big hug.

  3. Oh poor you, I know that feeling of wanting out NOW. I'm learning to drive cos I live in the middle of nowhere in a freezing cold house and I was looking at other houses to buy but that would take months and I'm looking at cars to buy but I still haven't passed my test and if I'd just started in June instead of August I'd be finished now. Well, everything is for a reasons so try to enjoy a little resting on the sofa ;)

  4. I know that feeling- I am just going into the last year of my PhD and all I can see is an enormous mountain to climb and I am so ready to move on! I hope you have woken up feeling better today x

  5. Hey babes, C’mon, you can do it! After all, you are one of the luckiest persons in the world, working on exactly what you want and having such great plans for the close future! And I’m sure you look fab even when you look 50!!! :)