Friday, 3 October 2008

Sunshine again and a little bit of sparkle!!

ok, I don't know why, but I am on a total lurex trip at the moment, I can't stop buying things with beads, sparkles and lurex. Hence the new sock yarn which is coming.

But today I have something a little bit fun, Occasionally I get offered something a bit different, and if I am in the mood I buy up the whole stock, this time I only bought 20 kilos to try it out, but I have some lurex/cashmere/wool lace weight. Its spun in the UK, so even though I won't sell cashmere spun anywhere other than peru or here, I am a million time more happy if its spun in the UK.

As with all odds and ends of stocks, there is a mixture, we had some of the colours tested and some of the yarn is definately pure cashmere, and a small amount some has come up as a fine micon wool, but that was only the black, all of it is lovely and soft, but seeing as I can't 100% guarentee that its all cashmere I will sell it all at the same price. (I also don't know the yardage, but I suspect it ranges from 600m per 100gms upwards again depending on the colour)

ok so want to see some?


Cinnomen sparkle


Black and silver

I intend to make some cute mixed yarn kits with this, but there is too much for just those, so we have wound lots of approximately 100gm skeins off and they are all going to be £7.50. I will keep adding them to the shop as we go today and the next couple of days. It a bargain treat for sure, perfect for a little scarf, or stole for a christmas outfit :-)

ok lastly, I have to show you this, remember my grape vine, well I have 3 of these on it, they are quite sharp, but wonderful :-)


ok and lastly...... new pattern for the lace yarns, its totally gorgeous..... and its called lynns diamond shawl, after the designer Lynn.


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  1. The squirrels took all my grapes when they were only just big enough to see, and they took all the apples when they were only just the size of marbles. The wood pigeons and ring-necked parakeets took all the crab-apples. Sparklies, oooh, I'm off to look, but don't let my local wildlife follow me and steal it all before I get there!