Tuesday, 28 October 2008

Smiling, through gritted teeth

OK, so I will gloss over the fact that everything falls apart when I have no computer and the fact that I can't update the shop until Elly comes home tonight because this old thing won't do anything with pictures, especally seeing as we have gorgoues sock yarns, silk fibres and sparkly sock yarns.

    So, I am being slightly ungrateful things are actually great here, apart from the immediate problems and I need to focus on the nice things instead, lol

Thanks to someone lovely for buying me a spinning wheel to cheer me up, damn, I can't wait to see it, lol!!! And also my move is sorted, I am about to go and live in the most gorgous house ever ever ever, an it has SO MUCH ROOM that I will never be stressed again with lack of space, lol!!! Thats due to happen at the beginning of dec, so I will have a week off then, but until then I need to get ready for christmas lol, so with the new website and stuff, hopefully this is all just resistance/growing pains because the future is going to be fabulous ;-)

So think I will indulge in some heinz tomato soup and lemon tea and do all my paper work and answering of emials and sort all the loyalty card sticker things out, seeing as I have a few to send to people.

I promise to be PROPER cheerful tomorrow, lol


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