Wednesday, 1 October 2008

Sun is shining!!!!

Didn't bother with the rain yesterday, I stayed indoors and did all the things I needed to do like get my VAT return finished, things ordered for Allypally, sorting transport and shipping for allsorts, and it was such a therapeutic thing to do, what a relief!!! All those things out of my head meant that I just slept so well last night, that I feel totally buzzing again today, probably the coffee is helping, foots stiff as hell, but will just make sure its wrapped up well for todays dyeing session, and the sun is shining in full today, so its just perfect.

So Elly and I are getting into good knitting rhythms, she suggested I stopped working in the nights and had some proper chilling time, and so I have been knitting, and I have been using my tilly thomas yarn, its totally lovely to knit with, silk is my favourite fibre ever, and I am desperate to have a pure silk top, well lots of them, but one would be a good start, so I thought I would show you my progress so far.....


and here is a clopeup of the fabric, with the little sequins...


And this is Elly's amazing arm length gloves she has been knitting, its chunky scrumptious in olive contrasted with a strand of her hand spun, its totally gorgeous, she is writing up the pattern I think and putting it on her blog soon....


ok, so for allypally we have some new treats, sparkly sock yarn, which I will show you some samples of later new scrumptious colours, which I cannot wait to see, (thats if they turn up in time, gulp), the gorgeous Du store yarns and wonderful buttons and accessories to go with it.

right better go and get dyeing,



  1. Loving the sequins!! Every arty yarn I seem to spin at the moment ends up with sequins in it.. added to by finding a great website for them!!!
    As you know - I'm not a girlie girl.. but really have a think for sparkle, bling, angelina and sequins in my spinning!!!
    That yanr you're knitting with certainly makes the mind work.. hmm.. a laces weight with small sequins... and no need to add beads...

  2. I love the yarn you're using for your top - can't wait to see it finished. Love the gloves too - planning to start on my first pair soon.
    Looking forward to Ally Pally. Hope your foot feels better soon.