Thursday, 30 October 2008


OK, well maybe you can guess from the title what I am going as for my halloween costume. So the winner is Kate who posted the first comment, its such a super duper idea, and I phoned and told mum, and well she has decided that she DESPERATELY WANTS to make my cosume with me tomorrow afternoon, so I am going home early tomorrow so we can spend the day having fun, lol. I had about 20 phonecalls yesterday from her about ideas, and how we can add furry bits onto the arms, and so on and so on.

I decided I wanted to model it based on the spider from james and the giant peach, and so I accidently had to go and buy a pair of red high heels, and a black bobbed wig and some stick on fangs this morning, shoes are gorgeous and were in the sale, yipppppeeeee.

I promise I will take photo's of all of the Hewletts, its going to be so funny!!!

So thanks for all the suggestions, they were all fabulous!!!

So, am in bloody good spirits today, really excited about the party, have new red shoes, mince pies are warming up in the Oven,  and lots lovely computer work to do :-) Still not going to brave the cold to do dyeing outside, I don't want to tempt fate, but clubs will be on their way very very soon, seeing as I might be doing a  bit of kitchen dyeing tomorrow morning, lol

ooooh forgot, updated shop last night, but most of the sparkly sock went really quick, guess you guys were stalking!! lol so I will do some more really soon.


  1. That sounds like good fun! What a fantastic excuse for new red shoes!!! There will be photos, won't there? :)

  2. Hi Jen, just got back from Get Knitted with a skein of your gorgeous self-stiping sock yarn which is on the swift already and I've only been in the house 5 mins! Can't wait to cast on! Just a thought though: I would have walked right past this in GK if there hadn't been a sample part knitted up on the table next to it - the yarn in the skein doesn't look like it'll stripe, but the sample was so gorgeous that I had to have the last skein of that colourway (Funfair) and run home to knit it straightaway. Would it be worth putting pics of it knit-up on your website? Just an idea, but I can send you a pic of this knitted up when it's done if you like?

  3. The squishy parcel arrived today and the colours are breathtaking, much more vivid that I'd imagined. Thank you :-)