Monday, 6 October 2008

I think we are on target

Always when I do shows there are so many things I want to make, but I never have time to finish all the little details and decorations, and fulfill all the cute ideas I have for yarn, but the weekend was perfect for doing all the things I normally don't have time to do, well actually, I did nothing on Saturday apart from sit in front of the TV in my pj's and cast on for the February lady sweater in my cherry Aran, its such a pretty pattern, I just had to, and read my Elizabeth Zimmerman books I bought in the USA, it was a super duper day, it was pouring with rain after all.

The yesterday Elly, Karen and I spent the day making things for the stand, Karen made lots of little mini socks, which are gorgeous to go on the sock peacocks and just hang around, and Elly wound lots of mixed skeins with the cashmere lurex and mohair's, for kits and little pretty skeins, they are so cute!! I will start doing them as a regular thing after Ally pally, because they are a bit special. And I made some tubes, printed patterns and signs, worked out all the prices for Du Store yarns, and I think apart from dyeing yarn today and tomorrow we are getting there. lol


I might take some photos later to show you.



  1. Roll on Saturday! I can't wait to shop 'til I drop! Save some sparklies for me :>)

  2. Sounds good, Jen!!! Nothing like a PJ filled Sunday :)
    Are you gonna bring the tank top with you, so I can see the yarn I gave you all knitted up???
    Am excited, and a little nervous about all the solitary travelling to AllyPally...but I'll see you on Thursday!!!
    S xXx