Wednesday, 29 October 2008

Halloween and eating rats

haha, that got your attention didn't it.

I think I figured out why I am miserable. Maybe because I have to climb over boxes of wool to get to the sink, maybe because I have to trip up boxes of wool on the stairs to get to the bathroom, and maybe just maybe because if I ever did fall down my loft ladder it would be ok because I would be cushioned by cashmere, alpaca and merino.

So maybe its a bit like when you have too many small rats in a small cage and they eat eachother because its stressful.

Its ok Elly, I am verging on vegaterianism at the moment, and its the wool, not you luv.

I think the fact that I can't just put my hand on things, and I have to clear boxes out of the way first is just doing me head in. So once I realised that fact, I feel better, because its only temporary, only 32 days to go until I embark on my journey to a house with huge rooms. Seriously, its actually a converted chapel, so that might give you some idea about how big the rooms might be, and alot cheaper than my house, lol, oh the irony of buying a house when house prices are high, anyway, its all sorted and I can't wait to show you pictures, I have studio space of at least the entire floor of my house, imagine wall to wall shelving and organisation, and no loosing wool, Yipppppppppeeeeeeeee.

Ok, I need to shut up and ask you for some advice. I have a dilemma, or rather a problem, a serious one, and I need some serious help......

 There is a huge family birthday party on friday night, and the theme is Halloween fancy dress, now my mother has been nagging my brother and I about our outfits for about 2 months, but have I taken any notice, um, nope :-(

She has her outfit down to a T, I get a text every morning to say things like, just bought nails with spides on, or your fathers cape and fangs are finished, and we are on our 5th makeup rehearsal. To which I always laugh and think, oh its ok, I'll wing it. But I did get some rather disturbing words last week, 'you are not going to let the Hewlett side down are you' Gulp, even little bro has a headless horse costume. So, lets just say I am on a budget, but I need something extrodinary, and I need some seriously good advise on a costume, I was thinking about a ghost, or a white witch seeing as I have white hair, and I can make it white white if I bleach it more, but PLEASE I NEED SOME HELP FROM YOU GUYS.

Who ever comes up with the best and most helpful suggestion will win a £20 voucher to the new shop. Leave your answers in the comments.....



  1. A spider - black sweatshirt and leggings and three pairs of stuffed black opaque tights later and you're done. I've used this idea and it's really effective, especially if you gel up your hair and hit the eyeliner. Or a mummy, using lots and lots of value toilet paper, though it's harder to move around in that costume due to the perforations between the sheets.

  2. Ok, I haven't come up with it myself but it's totally gorgeous and clever and would cost you the price of a cheapish umbrella and take half an hour to make!!

  3. Oh poor you :( I hate fancy dress parties...simply because of the not-getting-it-together-in-time thing :( Some years ago, I was in the same boat as you with my best friend's party - the theme was "how famous people died". I ended up digging out the wedding dress, finding a candlestick & went as Miss Haversham. What made it work was I spent an evening with some white net mesh, some white chunky chenille & a large crochet hook & made a massive cobweb veil which went over me & all the way to the floor. That sort of web might do a good elegant ghosty thing without very much other effort. I wish I had the foggiest idea where the web went so I could send it :( But I haven't a clue. Probably somewhere under the piles & piles of bloody wool...
    The chapel sounds fab! (I'm beginning to think I need a converted cathedral here...)

  4. How about the Ghost of Morticia? Just like in the Adamms family, but in white instead of black, with 'bloodstains' down it and a fake 'stab wound' round the heart area????
    Looks even better with a satin corset over the top and the corset gives you somewhere to stick the 'dagger'

  5. fancy dress? How I hate those parties!
    But - how about a medieval damsel or knight? ;) Yes, that was to be expected from me. You will obviously not fit into my kit (well except for the headdress part) but if I ask nicely I might be able to borrow some stuff for you (dress - think plain not princess like (the ones with the fancy stuff live to far away from here) or possibly even some proper maille be warned about the weight though!)... would need to know soonish though...
    or alternatively - how about a little gnome/sprite whatever they are called in english - long-stripy socks (that one should be easy), someting tunic-y like, stripy over-elbow fingerless gloves (holey would be great, dishevelled hair (possibly some colours in it as well? And then just be as mischievous as you possibly can the whole evening...should become easier with increased alcohol consumption...

  6. How about a zombie? Whiten your skin with flour/talc for that newly dead look, bit of red lippy or something for blood, torn/dirty clothes.

  7. How about 'The Ghost of Yarn to Come'?
    You could white out your face but with dark makeup, wear white leotard and net skirt, and on the skirt could be attached little tiny samples of some of your yarn.
    Around your neck you could wear a price tag reading 'this is what becomes of you if you buy too much yarn'.
    Just a thought ;-)