Wednesday, 8 April 2009

Reasons to be excited.

1. I nearly finished all my wholesale, yipppppeeeee

2. I accidentally ordered 4 cookery books from Amazon and they should arrive today!!!!! I have a *wince* HUGE cookery book collection, I love them actually more than knitting books, I know that's like swearing isn't it? But after my trip to London, I realised I have a gap in my cooking skills which involves pattisserie type things, I know, why not just buy them, but I want to make Italian bread and tartes, really, I need to learn, especially after I attempted some rhubarb and vanilla tartes and nearly broke Mr Wool's fillings, they were good despite the hard crust, but it blimin took me 2 hours to make that pastry, and it was so agonising I was onto my second glass of wine by the end, which I think had something to do with it, so I need to LEARN SOME PASTRY SKILLS.

I am so desperate for those to come so I can try some treats out on my vicitims on Friday afternoon when we have afternoon tea, will blog pics I promise......

3. I finished the second front panel for my design, its needs to be ironed back into shape blocked to the appropraite measurements, and then I can figure out the sleeves, lol.

4. Did I tell you my little bro started his dream job Monday, he is having a wonderful time, I am so happy for him.

5. Gonna finish sewing my dress this weekend, and also have anther attempt at making myself felted slip slips.

6. Going to chop my hair off really really short, and go dark a chocolate colour b4 wonderwool.

7.Figured out a way to increase Dyeing productivity without massive investment.

ok thats enough now, lol, happy cheerful knitting folks, I hope the spring is making you smile.


  1. They all seem like good reasons to be cheerful.
    I also have an extensive cook-book shelf in my kitchen. I think people are amazed when they see them then get served something less than domestic godessness ;)
    Ooh new hair-dos all round. I've dyed mine this morning and having it cut tonight. Red here though, although Looby thinks that purple would be a better colour; you have to love that girl!!
    Keep smiling

  2. Apparently pastry needs cold hands and light fingers! And my Granny used lard to make her shortcrust.
    Stuck indoors but can see sunshine from the window and your enthusiasm is very cheering!