Friday, 17 April 2009

Shop update and hair cut and little shop discount treat

OK, I have started the shop update, but I am in Wonderwool mode, so there is kilo batches of everything, lol, makes it alot easier and quicker to photograph, but it means there are colour trends, lol, cause I do all colours in all yarns. Anyway, my fav this week, has to be pansy, I love it:

P1010065 British merino dreams sock in pansy, lol.

P1010067  Scrumptious in Pansy

Now, I have a treat/riddle for you, if you can work out the answer, if you type it in the voucher code, it will give you 10% of of purchases in the shop till monday:

“You love me, you hate me, but you also need me
I comfort you, I celebrate with you
I am a moment of pleasure you normally regret, but often desire.
Sometimes it takes me a long time to get ready
At times I am divided, but held together to be as one.”

Anyway I will update for another hour and then I am going away for the weekend, and mum is helping my dye yarn for wonderwool tomorrow, so I am taking all my self stripIng and fibres home, I will take pics too, but she is a master of colour, and so I think it will be nice to have an alternative take on what I do for a day.

And this afternoon I am having my hair chopped off, really really short, its driving me nuts flopping around in my eyes, I can't decide whether to go really dark or white again, but I am erring on the side of chocolate for a change.......


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  1. How about Intense Red like me???? I think chocolate I had my hair cut yesterday in a nice flapper bob. On wednesday I am going a nice chestntu red, gotta hide the grey hair at front. I'm a proper ol codger now eh???