Friday, 3 April 2009

Shop update, blimin miracle

ok, so there is actually a massive shop update today, which is great, considering the amount of dyeing I had to do this week. As always, it will be a good few hours before I finish, but there are some really pretty things to come.

I have a new yarn, its a limited edition, its cotton Cashmere, and its really divine, about 1700m per 100gms, there are some trials on there today, but much more next week, once I have hanked it all up. Its approximately 16 pounds per 100gms, which I think is a good deal for 50% cashmere, 50% Cotton.


Thankfully this week, there is a nice range of colours, you know me, when I get a bit colour obsessed, lol. Got tonnes of lace and sparkle sock, and I just got the lace weight silk back in stock after having run out for this colour....



Right, happy shopping and have a lovely weekend, I got to do a stock take and carry on knitting my garment that was in the knitter, and test knit another pattern, so its gonna be busy


  1. Had to go straight to the shop to get the Iris silk lace - what an amazing colour!

  2. love the silk!!! don't you dare run out of that before wonderwool!
    Happy knitting. And no, it's not my fault! ;)

  3. That first skein is an ace colour!! Have a good weekend, don't work too hard and remember, this time in three weeks time, we'll be at Wonderwool...I like to spread the panic ;)

  4. I love the colours in that silk...stunning!