Tuesday, 7 April 2009

This post is for me, to remind me of why have to work so hard, lol

So, we are kind of on the count down for Wonderwool now. Which means I have to finish all the wholesale, and clubs, and Unicorn dyeing by the end of the week, gulp. But I can manage, and I got some new vats too, so my productivity should increase a little ;)

Truth be told (adopted that sentence from Gavin & Stacy, reminds me of Cardiff) I couldn't do without Jo now, no wonder I felt like I was sinking before, there was no physical way I could actually do all the work, not to mention she thinks ahead and gives me deadlines, now some of you must be thinking, huh??? She gives YOU deadlines, but I don't exactly think in lines, so time planning for me is near on impossible, especially when I am over loaded. But if someone says, you need this done by the end of the week etc, it is such a relief I can sleep easy, even if it means tonnes of work, as long as I have a deadline I can do it, and she is such an absolute star, I couldn't do without her now.

Not only that but she does all the order packing, labelling, etc etc, and it meant I could do a proper stock take, and even installed my account package, so finally I  feel like I am in control of my business instead of guessing, it means I can cost things proplerly, work out profits, and grow little fyberspates (actually its not so little any more, its getting quite big, lol) into the thing I always dreamed it to be, I am very proud of some of the shops I have been asked to supply recently, my yarns are now available world wide, and its continuing its international growth rather nicely.

Thing is I have so many ideas in my head which are just unlimited, (I realised, I guess I am a little bit of an entrepreuner, (I went to see a man about a dog recently with an idea and kind of got snapped up, but I got to put that on hold for a little bit, until I finish work at least before 7pm at night, lol).

I suppose now I have a little bit of thinking space my ideas are starting to come fourth again, and I am very very excited, I have so many things I want to do, and I am not blowing my own trumpet here, but I have some cracking designs coming out in mags this year, absolutely my best yet, and also one from the lovely Karen, who has done the most amazing socks ever ever ever for simply knitting.

Sorry if it seems an odd post, sometimes I have to write myself a round up of where I am, and remind myself how fab evverything is, I am enjoying it all, but at the moment there is serious amounts of dyeing going on, and really, its physically exhausting, especially when its cold and raining, and I have to reproduce certain colours 70 times, lol, this is perhaps the part of hand dyeing which is not so much exciting, but more just getting on with it, lol, I certainly am going to have to get fitter to cope with demand at the moment, it will help me not get so exhausted I think.

So, off to eat huge breakfast, and get dressed to dye as much yarn as can physically be dyed today, lol

Happy knitting.


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  1. Well, you did say there were some ideas brewing! Sounds very entrepreneurial, look forward to hearing more.