Wednesday, 22 April 2009


Well, do you know what?? I am labeling and packing today, yup, totally, and not actually dyeing yarn, although I have identified a few colours I need to do, but really I am actually on time and getting ready for once!!! (this is heavily to do with Super Jo, lol)

I have jumper quantities of all the yarns, scrumptious dk and chunky colours, and British merino dk's, so I am really pleased, and even the sock yarns there are 500gms of each colour, lol!!

Also for once it means I have had a chance to do things I always wish to do like fibres and batts,

P1010115 P1010098 Its hard to capture the gorgeousness of these, because they are so delicate and pretty, full of silks, merino, cashmere, hand dyed sparkles, kid mohair, baby alpaca, lol

And plenty of platts of fibres:


I am so so excited, the stand is going to look absolutely gorgeous this year, I am bringing all my spindles and buttons too.

Please please come and say hello, by the way, I haven't decided on my hair colour yet, lol, but if you see a girl with a boys haircut, and a cheeky grin, it'll be me :-) xxxx

OOOOH! Also, there will be no shop update friday, it will be tuesday instead because I will update things which are left over from wonderwool, and there will be plenty seeing as I have 150 kilos here knocking around, lol xx


  1. Oh my God, these look so gorgeous, are they edible? I must learn to spin!!
    I hope they will sell out in no time.
    Belgian cheers,

  2. Wow, that all looks ace. I need a Jo! My friend is coming round for a cuppa and cake tomorrow morning...little does she know that I have other plans such as labelling ;)