Thursday, 9 April 2009

Some days, it just aint gonna be a work day.

I wake up every morning, put my comfy clothes on, go down stairs, feed the kitties, put the coffee on, sometimes chant, sometimes not. And then I switch on the computer and start work, this generally happens 7 days a week, but more recently 6 days.

But very occasionally  there are days when I can't face working, not because there is anything wrong, but because I know that if I do my heart won't be in it, because its somewhere else.

Today, I am in complete home maker mode, its been brewing for a few weeks, I know that sounds odd, lol, but I just feel like cleaning, tidying, cooking, washing, shopping for delicious ingredients to cook and and buying lots of flowers to put around the chapel.

I hadn't quite realised how overwhelming that erge was this morning, and then the postman arrived with my books from amazon (no they didn't arrive yesterday). And so I took a shower, put the coffee on, made toast with peanut butter, and sat on the sofa and poured through  the first book, and actually I read it from cover to cover, and I felt excited, and bubbling with wanting to cook and create. I actually have a tea party tomorrow with about 10 people coming, and all I want to do is get ready for that. And so I made the decision, today is sod working day, afterall I am self employed, if I can't occasionally take advantage of that then what is the point?

I do have enough yarn for a medium update tomorrow which will happen as normal, but the Unicorn is going on sale on Monday, and so I shall add extras Sunday/monday of things like sock yarns etc.

So now I am going to go shopping and get all the ingredients for my cooking. I will be attepmting brioche as well as lots of other treats for tomorrow, and I will put up my efforts on the food blog, as well as here too I think.

So now the decision has been made I feel much better :-)

By the way, happy easter peeps ;-)


  1. Have a lovely day!

  2. Yeah I know the feeling exactly. My cleaner Mrs irene came yesterday and she whizzed through the kitchen and Lounge then we tackled the curtains. I hardly did any knitting work, it was all spring cleaning. But I'm glad cos now i have a sprkling new home all clean and dusted. Mrs irene is a godsend she is so engergetic cleaning up like a scalded lop, not bad for 57 eh?? I thought she was in her 50's, she behaves like a 20 yr old so much energy that lass.
    I have some weight Watchers books I don't need, the recipes are all healthy and low fat, I tested many of them they are so tasty. You can have a couple if you like.
    Bon Appetit. Hey don't stuff yerself silly cos you'll end up fat and wobbly like me.

  3. Oops that's 67 can't see the numberpad.