Tuesday, 14 April 2009

Yum yum yum

So Easter was crazy mad, we had an afternoon tea party on Friday to which one of my fav customers came with family, Jo, with children, Babylonglegs and co and Karen!!, it was fabulous, and I took the day off on Thursday to clean the chapel and go shopping and read my new cookery books, (I am getting totally sucked into the science of bakin at the mo). So I decided to take a risk and cook lots of things I never made before for the party, I will only stick pics here, but for more recipe information go to the dinner at the chapel blog, suffice to say it all worked really really well, lol.

But I made amongst other things Brioche:


Biscuits with real vanilla seeds:


And the most wonderful hot cross buns (sans crosses, not really a cross person, lol):


We had alot of fun and we ate loads and loads, and chatted and laughed, I enjoyed it so so much.
Then saturday and sunday were dyeing days, and I dyed ALOT, cause I needed to get everything finished so I can dye yarn for Wonderwool,  so that basically starts today, lol, never a dull moment!

Hope you all had a lovely easter holiday


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