Tuesday, 12 May 2009

Am approximately 3 days younger today than I was yesterday

haha, ok well new healthy regime has taken over rather easily, I had forgotten how yummy healthy food was, not boring at all, I had stir fried veg and tofu for lunch with yogurt and dried fruit and nuts, and then for dinner I had loads of stir fried veg, chicken, and rice all mixed up, was better than takeaway!! I did accidentally eat some cheesecake, but actually it made my belly hurt, so I don't feel remotely like eating any more. Today I had plain yogurt, raspberries, passion fruit, nuts and dried fruit for breakfast and it was so so good!!!! I think though that box of veg isn't gonna last very long, I am going to need some cheaper healthy fillers, baked pots come to mind, but hmm, will have to get thinking....any suggestions welcome, of course they need to be of the non processed variety, and not really bothered about low fat either, without wheat I don't need to worry so much about that.

Anyway so I slept really well, my gums actually feel alot better today after my tooth clean, and I am even sure the shrunken bit isn't so shrunken, but that might be psychological, lol, you know me ;)

The day is stunning outside, so I shall be out there for all of it, I want to do a humongous update on Friday, so I need to get to work.

oooh oooh guess what? I spun up some fibre and knitted it into socks, I'll post some pics tomorrow

Happy knitting,


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  1. Here is a suggestion to keep your fruit and veg fresh in the fridge. Get some green bags either from QVC or Lakeland plastics, they are marvellous for preserving food, my bananas and fruit keep well for weeks and are never rotten or go bad, and the veg, well I have had a broccoli in this green bag (its coated with a special thingy that gets rid of the enzyme gas that comes out of fruit and veg which makes it rot quick) for 3 weeks now and its still as fresh as the day I got it, methinks I will have to scoff it soon ahem.