Tuesday, 26 May 2009

Organising and monkey

Oh before I start, monkey is fine, think she had been fighting with kitty, and got a little infection, she had an injection which cost a bomb, but it was worth it because the vet combed her with this scary looking comb, and there were literally piles of fluff on the table, she looks positively skinny now :)

Hmm, anyway, organising, not a word with which I am normally associated!! I spent all of Friday cleaning and tidying and organising the work room/store room/conservatory which had also become another store room, and the white yarn room, yes I really do have that many rooms dedicated to work, :/ its better now, and when Jo comes to work today, she will see she has an extra table to work on, heheh. I also planted all my seeds, aubergines, toomatoes, Okra, butter nut squashes, peppers, herbs, and purplecarrots, lol.

I then read the weather report which said it was going to be dreadful weather this week, so I though I should make the most of it and get all my wholesale orders dyed, um and there was about 60 kilos, I still have loads to go, but I have broken he back of it, but I am knackered, its virtually impossible to physically dye more than 20 kilos in a day, and then 2 days running its a killer, all my body is aching, so I am going to do designing today, however, the sun is shining, damn, I wish it would rain, then I wouldn't feel guilty!!! hehehe.

Right, number crunching and coffee here I come! xx


  1. No way am I working that hard over more than one day at a time! Sounds very satisfying, though, and does this mean that you're looking at the lace jacket pattern from The Knitter? Looking forward to that - no pressure!

  2. I spent an hour sat outside in the garden this afternoon, counting the bumble bees for a survey. The bees have made a nest behind the wall of the pond. It's a rigid plastic pond and where the clay earth has shrunk away, they have built a nest, this is at least the third year they've been down there. I've planted more bee friendly plants for them, but they seem to prefer the buttercups that I'm desperately trying to get rid of. No veggies, far too many slugs and snails.

  3. And I find dyeing 4 kg in a day hard work.