Wednesday, 13 May 2009

Hand spinning, socks pics, shop temptations and little competition

Ok he he he, there are lots of pics today, yay!!!

Lets start with my socks and a little spinning. So I spun up a sparkly batt to make sure they were OK, research and all that ;) and well, its so pretty.....

P1010097 I think I'll add it to some cuffs or something, I am planning spinning sweaters worth of fibre and knitting a gorgeous cardi, so the mini batts can be randomly streaked through it to add some glitz and gorgeousness.

I am totally into spinning at the moment, its caught my attention again, after a long time! The next thing I spun was 100gms of bfl hand dyed, now this is not my usual colours, it was a speckled roving, but when it spins up it gives beautiful yarn, hence alot of the fibres in the shop are speckled, lol.
It was fairly even, but still I made socks using 3mm needles, they are so toasty its not true:


These need sock blockers really, but I have had some commission made which are made of acrylic I think and will be available in the shop, I get asked for them all the time, lol.

Ok so next shop update, this really is the biggest shop update ever, there is a tonne of yarn to go on, and I think my new healthy lifestyle is affecting my colours, I went through the spectrum this week, and there is plenty of everything, ALOT of thick Nef lace and merino silk lace, I know lots of you love that for knitting garments, and there are plenty of each colour and loads of colours, lol. I have a new yarn which is a singles (you know how I LOVE singles yarns) and its pure silk, it will retail at 13.99 its I guess about an aran weight, and it shines like nothing else, this is it in choc cherries;


I shall show you some pics of my favs,


Think this has something to do with the vit chews I am eating, lol

P1010104 Rose petal, just cause its so pretty....

P1010105 Cashmere, in deep plum, just because its so rich and velvety

and lastlyP1010107 oooooh yeah!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Sparkly batts here we come.

So whats this competition lark then???? Well, seeing as I am shifting my update to 10am on Friday mornings, so its all up there at once rather than the slow dragging out of the update as it has been for the past 2 years, I need to kind of get you all used to the idea, so we will have a weekly competition, as some of you know, when you click on a product in the shop it comes up with a different more detailed photo of the yarn or product, this week one of the products will have a little monsters head as the detail page, the first person to add this to their cart and email the order through will win a free skein of sock yarn I will write in more detail tomorrow, but the little Fyberspates shop monster looks like this:Shopmonster FS pink

Right, I think thats enough for today, I need to go and take photos and drink some tea,
happy spinning and knitting folks :-) xx


  1. You do make me giggle...yarn that matches my vitamin chews and shop monsters. That's brightened my morning anyway!

  2. What is that fabulous yellow-and-orange stuff?! Those are totally my colours...would be great for something wintery- it would feel like you were wearing sunshine.