Wednesday, 20 May 2009

Rainbow's End Retreats Cwmoernant Farm, Carmarthen

OK, So on the weekend I went on a sort of course/retreat. Its the first thing I have done like that in years, and it was just absolutely wonderful. I went with Karen, and we had so much fun and it was so relaxing. On the Saturday we learnt to make baskets with Willow, I'll have to add pics later cause my camera has run out of batteries. Mine didn't look like anyone elses, lol, but I love'em, even had the idea of making my own baskets for my stand for shows, but, you know me and my crazy ideas ;-)

We got fed wonderful soups, dinners, tea, coffee endless delicious cakes, and on the Sunday we learnt about herbs, their historical and modern uses, and, then we made pizza's which were cooked in an outdoor pizza oven, the pizza's were awesome, althought the weather for the whole weekend was absolutely crazy with rain and wind, but it didn't put us off. I took my spinning wheel, and did lots of spinning, chatting, knitting, it truly was an absolute treat.

The ethos of Cwmoerant farm is that things are recycled and reused, lots of food is grown there, so its really one of the greenest places I have ever been, in colour and it intent, it is a very special place, and I would really like to run some courses there, have a look at the farm, and let me know if you think you would be interested in coming on a 2 day dyeing/spinning/knitting retreat there.

Now, there are some fibre retreats going on there, which  I am so going to go to.....details here I think I am going to go to the August one, and one fancy comin????



  1. Sounds tremendous, and look how cheap it is! What a worthwhile weekend.

  2. I'd be very interested, and it's not too far from me.