Monday, 18 May 2009

Simply knitting Stained Glass window socks

OK, so I shall tell you in-depth about my weekend tomorrow (it was fabulous), but for now I had ought to just mention the Simply knitting Stain Glass window socks, done by my lovely gorgeous friend Karen, the kit is available from here in the shop, but obviously you have to by Simply knitting for the pattern!! hehe,



  1. I saw it! A whole 'special / free with / insert' pattern by Fyberspates! Nice one!

  2. I am having real problems with this pattern. The zigzags seem very irregular. A comment in full is on the Simply Knitting errata page. Please can you advise as to the correct pattern. I even drafted my own chart from the ammended instructions but even that differs from your chart. I love the socks but can't progress past row 41 and am slowly becoming very frustrated.
    Help would be greatfully appreciated.
    Janet up in the Canadian North