Tuesday, 5 May 2009


Goodness, there are some majorly exciting things in the pipeline at the moment, alot of designing going on, I have a new designer making some patterns for me, and I really like her ideas, also I have been designing quite alot, and well, OOOOOOOOH, I wish I could tell you more but I can't not yet its all top secret!!! But I will I promise. Anyway, I spent most of the weekend sketching and swatching, anyone good at intarsia?? I have done a motif for a child's garment, but I would really like to see it knitted by someone who actually can knit intarsia neatly...let me know if you are good at it and wouldn't mind knitting a small garment for me in exchange for shop vouchers...

Secondly, I am so happy today, cause for the first time in 4 years I got 2 whole days to sit and design, and this morning, I made pancakes and coffee, cause I know I don't have to pack any orders, or worry about club inquiry things cause super jo will do it when she arrives, I can't even begin to explain what a wonderful feeling that is, for 4 years I used to wake up every morning almost shaking cause I had so much work to pack into the day, and knowing that no matter how hard I try I couldn't do it all, and then not even the hope that the weekend would bring relief. But now I have time off, and slower mornings so I can answer emails properly, make coffee, ease myself into the day, and actually for the first time have feelings of accomplishment. Put to paper all the ideas in my head, knit the damn swatches.....I mean I now can put proper gauges on all the yarns.
I can even go to people and say, I have this idea, how about it, and that is bringing almost too much excitement for words!!

Its wonderful, I used to dream about this before when I worked so hard everyday; I used to think, there will be a day when I don't feel so tired, and when things don't feel like they are so on top of me, but that's really what starting a business and building it up is about I suppose, its like doing a PhD, the hard bit does come to an end eventually, but the bit imbetween tests your every fibre of sticking power, granted I did have to pay a huge mortgage on my own, cope with a marriage breakup, and huge debts, lol, and so many times I sat and cried and thought, sod it, I will just go bust, loose my house, pack a back pack and go traveling and sod it all because I was so overwhelmed and tired, but I didn't I kept going, and I am so so so so glad I did.

I am here sitting in the dream I dreamed of, successful business which is still growing steadily, new wonderful opportunities presenting themselves at every turn, debts greatly reduced and even friends with Anth, so I suppose I shall have just a little more of that coffee, and start forming the next dream. Don't want to get complacent do I?

Hehe xx


  1. Helen (slappersire)5 May 2009 at 06:16

    You should always keep dreaming! Otherwise life becomes grey coloured and dull and samey. Not good.
    I can do intarsia if you like, plus I have more spare time to do such things now.

  2. What a great post. So uplifting when there is all the gloom around the place. Yay for days off and time to stop and think and .....Jo ;) xxx

  3. Good for you - lovely feelgood read at the start of the day, as well! Enjoy the feeling, and know that you've deserved it.

  4. You´re a example to follow, Jen. I´m very happy you´re doing things so well. Lot of kisses, we miss U!! :-)