Friday, 8 May 2009

Shop udate, little wobbly, but done, and little friday clue :-)

Ok, My plan of updating all at once, kind of worked, however, apparently although the products don't show, some how you can buy them??????? and well, I had a massive wholesale order which kinda wiped out lots of the update, but still completely mystified how that could happen....still it'll take a little practice to get this right, but it is a much better way of doing it!

Its not the hugest update ever, I am planning that for next week, but in the mean time, I need to pop all the rest of the wonderwool stock on, its time consuming because there are lots of single skeins, so i might just keep adding those over the next few days to get it all on.

Anyway, I have the unicorn clue for you, which if you get the answer right you can have 10% of in the shop till monday, you don't have to be in the unicorn club to get it, just type your answer into the voucher code at the checkout.

Ok here goes:

Your strength can be destructive,
but but when you choose to be gentle you are a delight,
no one knows where you come from or where you are going to

What am i?

Finally, did some spinning, and now knitting it up into socks, they are lush, will take them to Manchester with me tomorrow, as we have some fun planned :-)

Happy knitting,


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