Tuesday, 27 May 2008


OK, all socks clubs have been posted, yippppppeee. Thats always a relief, lol.

Update is rather somewhat slow today as a result, so instead of stressing I will just continue to update the shop over the next day or so, there are some nice hand dyes to go on there in addition to the extra sale yarns I need to put on. I have lots of yarn to dye for my visit to K1 at the weekend tomorrow, I am sooooo excited about this trip, its going to be lots of fun meeting lots of you lot, and Katherine and I have exciting future projects to discuss.

Are there any requests for yarns or colours you would particularly like me to bring? Leave me a comment or email if you do, because I am dyeing tomorrow, so its no problemo.

I am waiting to hear if I have funding to go to the USA next week, yep, NEXT WEEK, I can't book anything until they give me the go ahead, which is cutting it a little bit fine, as much as I am looking forward to it, I am pretty glad this is the end of my traveling for a little while, I am absolutely desperate to get into a routine with fyberspates and get working on fs trading straight away. Although all the trips contribute to both businesses considerably, I am just so excited to get started with everything properly.

Feeling mightily excited this evening, the house is all spick and span, things feel like they are moving in a really great direction, and I am going to have a beer, cook some food and get on with some knitting, I have a design I need to get finished by the weekend.

Happy knitting folks :-)


  1. Can you dye me some sock yarn and some Aran in Honeysuckle colours. My honeysuckle has got some buds and is about to burst into flower next week or so, I will let you have a flower so you have an idea what colours they are. let me know how much by email. I have been doing plenty of hard work today as well, I vaccuumed the sitting room did the dishes cleaned the kitchen and flaked out on the sofa and got on with me knitting job. I have done over 55 inces of the scarf just another15" to go. Gulp.
    I was a bit of a drama llama (Kerrie's idea) about the yarns but i made it up now.
    Can't wait for tomorrow I get me grease so I can get lots of yarn, yippeeeeee.

  2. You should come to Chicago!