Tuesday, 6 May 2008

I did some real knitting!! yippee

I actually did some knitting over the bank holiday, in amongst applying for various grants, and drinking gin and tonics in the garden and planting my fruit bushes, tomato plants and squashes, and of course bombarded my borders with tonnes of little pansies. It look superb, the vines are growing huge leaves, and should start climbing again in the next few days. I will take some pics once I find the battery charger for the camera. Even if my house is a state, I can always spend hours pottering in the garden, its so gorgeous, and I love the way it is never the same two days running. So thats it now, I will probably spend all my time in the Garden, and dyeing is so much more fun in the Garden.

So the lacy camisole I am knitting in scrumptious is simply gorgeous, and I want it finished by the weekend, I have nearly finished the back and will hopefully finish the front very soon, like I said pics asap.

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  1. A garden in spring, and getting all planted up for the summer, what a great place to be. And all the yarns hanging up to dry in the soft warm air. I'm with you. Hope you find the battery charger very soon.