Friday, 16 May 2008

Fibre shop update

OK, so I have the mother of all hangovers, its The noblins fault, we were having too much fun!!
No really, we have a lovely evening, Abi, Judy, and I had dinner in my favourite restaurant in the world and took advantage of the free bottle of wine I won as a result of being subscribed to the news letter (I think), and then we went onto shot in the dark for stitch n' bitch, and Um, drank more wine, and kind of knitted but got drunk too, well me and Judy did anyway, I really enjoyed myself, it felt like proper going out.

Today I am struggling to look at the screen, but have updated everything I could find, lol! There is yarn, after the fibres. There is alot of fibres which I completely forgot to put on last week, and some scrumptious lace which is rationed now because I am nearly out of stock and can't get any more till July, :-(.

Anyway, here is my favourite fibres of the week:

Fyberspates_hand_dyed_yarn_new_555 Its nef. I am in love.

So off to Coldharbour mill for some yarny fun and chats, then to a knitting machine guild  event  on Sunday to sell yarn, and then Stash on Monday.  Have a superb weekend folks, hope the sun shines where you are :-)

And thanks Abi for all your help, you are a true star :-)

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  1. Lovely! Did you get my email (different email to this one) about the DK scrumptious for the Tatami kimono?, Lin x